Saturday 29 October 2011

Yumm 2.0 for iPhone

After releasing the first version of Yumm, it has had over one million downloads with people leaving many positive comments. This kept us working on the next version and today it is finally released to AppStore.

All people who downloaded the game just loved Yumm and he is always perceived as a real tiny creature living in a phone. We thought that it is time to introduce other members of Yumm's family. In the new version you can find two new characters - Halloween and Yummi.

Halloween is Yumm's scary brother. They don't usually hang around together, but if you play multiplayer mode, they would love to bite off your and your friend's fingers.

Yummi is Yumm's lovely girlfriend. Despite her charm she also armed with sharp teeth. If you like Yumm, you got to play with her too. You can be sure that she will make you laugh.

With new multiplayer mode you can compete with your friends and see who has got better reflexes, which is one of the features that has been asked for by players. Here two different creatures can be sited on both sides of the screen. The players should place fingers in their characters' mouths and play as usual. However, the main challenge is to not be scared by the opponent's creature, as they will shut their mouths at different time.

Yumms still speak 11 languages as before: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Korea.

Please download it from AppStore.

Let us know what you think about the new version, Yummi and Halloween character.

You can also download our Press Release and Press Kit.

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