Thursday 17 June 2010

Giving away our Palm games

If anyone still has good old Palm devices, you could enjoy our Palm games for free. They are still available on Handango.

The very first and the most successful Palm game of ours was Fortress. Graphics was as stunning as we always try to do :)

Fancygames Fortress

After Fortress we released 2 more games - FancyWall and Fancy Gomoku. That was the very first our game development experience and it happened to be pretty good. We were pleased to receive emails and comments how people loved our products.

Wednesday 9 June 2010


We are pleased to welcome you on out blog and its very first post. We are going to spill here some information about development of our new products and some behind the scenes stories.

Fancygames started game development about 5 years ago developing games for Palm and J2ME devices and overall we have released 8 games. Not much, but we make our games with adoration.

About a year ago we decided to make our main target the iPhone platform and are going to publish more titles for it in future.

Our first game for iPhone Hudriks came out just a few months ago. The game happened to be very attractive with its fantastic graphics and animations and it was pleasure for us to read that people liked it.

Hudriks are a small vikings family with arrogant daddy who leads the adventure through three different worlds encountering fearsome enemies and collecting shiny bonuses.

The idea for the game was to make it as simple as possible so you could take your phone out at any moment when you are feeling bored and kill few minutes on it.

The gameplay looks very simple, but it will take some time to master it, so make sure that you go through tutorial in the first level. However, we have not stopped on it and going to add some more gems there. Stay tuned!